Write Your Own Adventure

Chapter One

Welcome Adventurer!

I have decided it is time to shut down Write Your Own Adventure... I don't have the time to maintain it, and it hasn't seen any activity recently. I may well rebuild it at some point, and please reach out to me at stephen@rees-carter.net if you would like to support it in some way!

Welcome to 'Write Your Own Adventure', the Choose Your Own Adventure story with a difference... When you come across a chapter that doesn't exist, you get to write it yourself and continue the story as you see fit. So come on in and take a look around, and if you can't find a storyline which interests you, then just maybe that means you should start writing your own!

Years ago, Choose Your Own Adventure books were popular and it was always exciting to read through the different paths and storylines - but they always ended too soon, or didn't offer the paths you wanted them to. Write Your Own Adventure is designed to bring back those books in an interactive and collaborative way. The more people who use it, and contribute, the better it gets!

I've tried to provide a variety of different starting points, which should allow many possibilities for storylines. However, if you have an idea for another storyline, let me know. It is also my intention to add a downloadable eReader version of WYOA, so you can travel through the storylines without needing a computer!

Finally, please check out the Labyrinth! It's automatically regenerated periodically, with one entrance and one exit - see if you can find your way out! (Hint: It's a flat grid, so you can map it out if you're patient.)

Most importantly, please have fun!